Friday, May 20, 2016

Beware My Son

Although, this poem I wrote seems to be written from a mother to her son, it is really from the Holy Spirit to all of his children. 


Beware my son the lust of skin,
That seeks you out and sucks you in.
Learn this lesson and learn it well,
As I describe this pit of hell.

The flesh is tied to the pit of hell;
It is guided by a wishing well.
But, there is no hope within the skin,
The deeper hope lies within-

Where the heart shares a single beat,
And the mind of God and man can meet.
But to man’s mind the flesh is bound,
So that sin’s loud cry seems the only sound.

Within this burning flesh hell lies;
A mist the flames man shouts and cries-
So that the sound cannot be heard-
Of God’s soft voice and loving word.

You jump the cliff and in the fire go,
Just because sin tells you so.
And even though you do climb out-
You jump again at her first shout.

Love does not beckon in such a way,
It comes through giving day by day-
Love does not cry for self and gain,
But feels much like the gentle rain.

Remember this my son, when next the lust of skin,
Tries to seek you out and to suck you in.
Remember this is not love, though you call it so-
The desire of the flesh will only bring you woe.

Flames will rise and voices scream within your flesh again.
You could live year by year and you may never win.
Pain and tears and sorrow controlled by the pit of hell,
And constantly wishing while hope is a drying well.

Life passes quickly, so my prayer for you-
Is that you stop this horror before your life is through.
I pray you ground yourself in God and in his Word.
And your Mother’s voice, you also may have heard.