Friday, February 7, 2014

Prayer of God's Bride

Heavenly Father,
By the power of your impeccable Holy Spirit, I wholeheartedly accept your love. A love first proven by the gift of your own son.  I look forward to watching how your love will guide each and every circumstance bringing us closer and closer together as we move thought this life together.  I will trust and love you in the hardest of times. I will know you are a perfect, loving mate and you have knowledge of what I cannot comprehend. I know you have only my best at the heart whatever tenacious situations may occur. I know when the time is right and I can comprehend, you will reveal to me knowledge and discernment.  I know those times I don’t understand will bring us closer together as my faith leans on your love.  Your love is beyond anything this world can comprehend. There are no words for a love which forgives and manifest itself into the life of its bride bringing constant and miraculous change. Yours is a love which has planned such a beautiful walk through this time interim to eternity.  Saying, “I love you”, seems so little in comparison to your pledge to me; but, I give you all I have.  I am like the rose bud whose stem is too weak to support itself and full of thorns. But, you my love, remove my thorns, and support me. I offer my self to you for only you can bloom this bud; an experience and holy scent I will offer to you as my wedding gift.  My love, I lean on your strength of character and mind. I lean on your understanding and wisdom. I lean on you for every moment and situation of my life.  I offer myself to you.