Saturday, February 8, 2014

The GodHead

I remember being a young adult and substituting for a short season as a teacher for the children who were brought into the church via the bus ministry.  Many of these children had never been to church or heard about God.  There were things I took for granted that they questioned.  At this time, about all I had under my belt was a good group of assorted bible stories; so when I mentioned the Father, Son and Holy Spirit being all one I couldn’t even back it up with an example.  I had not been around long enough to hear the examples of the Godhead being like a person being a father, brother, son or whatever.  On one particular Sunday, a young man asked me in a rather sarcastic way, “How can one person be three?”  I might not have had all the answers and by the way, I still don’t; but I knew someone who did.  I told the young man I would pray and ask God and tell him the following Sunday.
            When I left church that day, I gathered up my four children from the nursery and their various class.  We got into the car to drive home and as usual there was no shortage of noise; but I didn’t seem to notice it that day as the minute the car took off I had my answer.  I couldn’t wait to get home and get out my craft supplies and draw up an image. 
            The sun was God, the rays of the son, Jesus, and the heat left behind when the rays hit the earth, the Holy Spirit.  The earth was like unsaved man.  Without the sun sending it’s rays to heat the earth we could not exist.  Nor, can mankind exist without God sending Jesus to enter the hearts of man.

            God is like the sun. The sun’s nuclear process called fusion provides 100% of the energy needed for life on earth. The sun is the center of our universe and a source of energy beyond our understanding; an energy so immense that we can’t even look at it without damaging our eyes.  In Psalm 84:11, King David called God a sun & a shield. Moses called him a "consuming fire". Deu. 4:24. God, like the sun, provides everything we need to exist. 
            The earth, without the sun, would cease to exist: Without God we would cease to exist. Even with the benefits of the sun, the earth is in a constant state of turmoil and need.  Does that sound familiar?  We clean up one area of our lives only to find another area full of problems.  Genesis 2:7, tells us that we were made from the earth.
Jesus is like the rays of light that radiate from the sun bringing light to the earth. Jesus traveled from God to man. In John 8:12, Jesus tells us he is the light of the world.  
Much of the sunlight that reaches earth is absorbed and warms the planet; a vital process for life on earth.  Actually what happens is the rays from the sun sink slightly into the earth’s surface and then bend and go back into outer space.  Light bends. This is what Jesus did.  He came to earth, entered the ground and went back to God.  What is left behind, we call heat.
The Holy Spirit is like this heat.   In Acts 17:28, we are told that in him we live, move and have our being. The Holy Spirit was left by Jesus to come into those overgrown areas of our life and bring change.  He wants to help you to restore, to plant, to make beautiful. He wants to help you to maintain.