Friday, February 7, 2014

A Prayer of Remembrance

Heavenly Father, 
Thank you that you are only a whisper away.  No matter what today may hold, I can be assured your Holy Spirit is walking with me. 
When I consider the seasons we have spent together and the times past, I am thankful you have remained ever strong and present bequeathing me your love and never ending grace.  Your strength has given me the courage to grow in our love. Your grace never ceases to amaze me.  You are my all in all.  I race into your loving arms time and time again and you are always there with words of inspiration and help for times of troubles.  I do not understand why I must pass through this interim time; but, I am grateful you are passing though it with me. Our love is strengthened now and forever. 
Seasons have come and gone. We have seen the cold of winter when the snow seemed to blind us from each other.  I learned to hold close to your warmth during times of trial.  We have experienced the fragrant blossoms of spring. So sweet was your presence, I remember running from room to room trying to find the source of the scent.  I learned your presence permeates from the spiritual realm to the physical.  In my youth, I leaped and danced in the summer’s sun in excitement of your presence.  My heart still leaps each morning when I awake rushing to you.  When the cool air of fall arrived, we began discussions of preparation for the coming cold. I remember taking in sweet, deep breaths of the cool air and the peace of knowing your presence.  I learned to seek your wisdom and peace in the face of upcoming trials. 

I look forward to the day when our walk together is not impeded by my weakness; only then, will I be able to tell you how thankful I am for your loving devotion.