Friday, February 7, 2014

Prayer of Intimate love

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,
Our heavenly father desires we walk in an intimate relationship with him. By acknowledging our desire for intimate love begins with him, we remain steadfast through the trials of life as they become part of his divine plan for our walk through humanity. 

I pray for the Body of Christ to enter into an intimate relationship with God. 


Dear Holy Spirit,

1. I desire your intimate love to take me away from the world of the flesh to a private place where only you and I will be. I desire a pure and holy relationship with you.

2. I desire others to see your love in me and to want it more than anything this world has to offer.

3. You do not condemn me for my sins or wrong choices. You have forgiven me with a love which erases all thoughts and memories of my past. 

4. Moreover, your love looks at my imperfections and failings as opportunities to bring help and growth to me, our relationship, and others.

5. Your love is beyond compare. It calls me to be a pure bride; yet, knowing I can’t be flawless you forgive and prepare me for our holy union. 

6. Yes, I will marry you. Yes, I will love you. Yes, I will succumb to your leadership and design for my life. How could I not?

7. You have placed me above your own life and see me as lovely and worthy. You have given me totally of yourself and blessed me with eternal life.